What I See

What I See Album Cover Clive Romney

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What I See: by Clive Romney is a collection of inspiring pioneer stories expressed in an acoustical folk style typical of 19th Century Pioneers.

This 11 song CD includes a Celtic arrangement of the Handcart Song, and compelling stories including:

“Like a Man” song and pioneer story about Character:

8-year-old Orson Adair, already doing a man’s job as a freight-wagon teamster, owns up to a mistake and sets his life course by it.

“Big Blue Angel” song and pioneer story about Devotion to Duty

Joseph Angell Young, son of Brigham Young, following the plea from a Prophet,  set out to rescue a desperate snowbound and starving Martin Handcart Company.  Risking his life, horse, and companions to bring hope to the hopeless.

“Hang On, Little Joseph” song and pioneer story about Brotherly Love

11-year-old handcart pioneer James Kirkwood gives his life in the successful effort to carry his 4-year-old brother Joseph up Rocky Ridge to safety in a blizzard.

“What I See” song and pioneer story about Perspective

Catharine Cottam Romney endures monumental hardships, but always sees the hand of Providence blessing her through it all.

“The Left and Right Hands of Love” song and pioneer story about Withholding Judgment:

Looking deep beneath the stern exterior of an ancestor (mine) to discover – through family history research – the tender kindnesses given in secret to anyone and everyone in need.

These compelling stories put to music are enhanced by the equally moving pioneer art work of Julie Rogers throughout an impressive CD booklet included with the CD.


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