17 Miracles Movie

 17 Miracles Movie: Something extraordinary is about to happen17 Miracles something extraordinary is about to happen

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  New Handcart Movie 17 Miracles Now Available on DVD

T.C. Christensen film that promises to tell more of the story of the

Willie and Martin Handcart Company Mormon Pioneers.

See info about 17 Miracleswww.17miracles.com (Official Website)

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Other Pioneer Films from T.C. Christensen:

 T.C. has among other films has offered those interested in Mormon pioneers  the films: “Only a Stonecutter,” “John Tanner,” “The Pioneer Miracle,” “Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration,” and “Emma Smith: My Story”

T.C.’s passion and talent for telling the pioneer story was perfected with his cinematography work on the Work and the Glory Films.

Although T.C. Christensen is also know for other LDS films like the “Testaments,” “Gordon B. Hinckley President of the Church Biography,” and legendary LDS favorite: “In the Mouth of Babes” he also has experience with IMAX cinematography including: “The Big Picture and Ozarks: Legacy and Legend” and other contemporary works like “Rigoletto,” “Outlaw Trail,” and of course: “Forever Strong”  


Next Movie: Ephraim’s Rescue Released Summer of 2013 

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